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Python CIRCT Design Entry (PyCDE)

PyCDE is a python API for hardware related activities. It was intended to make CIRCT functionality easy to expose to Python developers. PyCDE, therefore, mostly maps down to CIRCT operations through “a bit” of syntactic sugar. The vast majority of the work is done by CIRCT.


Because PyCDE is rapidly evolving, we recommend always using the latest pre-release. New packages are posted nightly if there have been updates (and so long as the build and CI are working).

pip install pycde --pre

or compile it yourself (not recommended).

Hello world!

The following example demonstrates a simple module that ors two integers:

from pycde import Input, Output, Module, System
from pycde import generator
from pycde.types import Bits

class OrInts(Module):
    a = Input(Bits(32))
    b = Input(Bits(32))
    c = Output(Bits(32))

    def construct(self):
        self.c = self.a | self.b

system = System([OrInts], name="ExampleSystem", output_directory="exsys")

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