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circt::ExportSMTLIB Namespace Reference


struct  SMTEmissionOptions
 Emission options for the ExportSMTLIB pass. More...


LogicalResult exportSMTLIB (Operation *module, llvm::raw_ostream &os, const SMTEmissionOptions &options=SMTEmissionOptions())
 Run the ExportSMTLIB pass. More...
void registerExportSMTLIBTranslation ()
 Register the ExportSMTLIB pass. More...

Function Documentation

◆ exportSMTLIB()

LogicalResult circt::ExportSMTLIB::exportSMTLIB ( Operation *  module,
llvm::raw_ostream &  os,
const SMTEmissionOptions options = SMTEmissionOptions() 

Run the ExportSMTLIB pass.

Definition at line 656 of file ExportSMTLIB.cpp.

References emit().

Referenced by registerExportSMTLIBTranslation().

◆ registerExportSMTLIBTranslation()

void circt::ExportSMTLIB::registerExportSMTLIBTranslation ( )