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circt::msft::PassCommon Struct Reference

A set of methods which are broadly useful in a number of dialects. More...

#include <MSFTPasses.h>

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Protected Member Functions

void getAndSortModules (ModuleOp topMod, SmallVectorImpl< hw::HWModuleLike > &mods)
void getAndSortModulesVisitor (hw::HWModuleLike mod, SmallVectorImpl< hw::HWModuleLike > &mods, DenseSet< Operation * > &modsSeen)

Protected Attributes

SymbolCache topLevelSyms
DenseMap< Operation *, SmallVector< igraph::InstanceOpInterface, 1 > > moduleInstantiations

Detailed Description

A set of methods which are broadly useful in a number of dialects.

Definition at line 30 of file MSFTPasses.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ getAndSortModules()

void PassCommon::getAndSortModules ( ModuleOp  topMod,
SmallVectorImpl< hw::HWModuleLike > &  mods 

Definition at line 57 of file PassCommon.cpp.

◆ getAndSortModulesVisitor()

void PassCommon::getAndSortModulesVisitor ( hw::HWModuleLike  mod,
SmallVectorImpl< hw::HWModuleLike > &  mods,
DenseSet< Operation * > &  modsSeen 

Definition at line 69 of file PassCommon.cpp.

References assert().

Member Data Documentation

◆ moduleInstantiations

DenseMap<Operation *, SmallVector<igraph::InstanceOpInterface, 1> > circt::msft::PassCommon::moduleInstantiations

Definition at line 34 of file MSFTPasses.h.

◆ topLevelSyms

SymbolCache circt::msft::PassCommon::topLevelSyms

Definition at line 32 of file MSFTPasses.h.

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