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circt::msft Namespace Reference


class  PrimitiveDB
 A data structure to contain locations of the primitives on the device. More...
class  PlacementDB
 A data structure to contain both the locations of the primitives on the device and instance assignments to said primitives locations, aka placements. More...
class  TclEmitter
 Instantiate for all Tcl emissions. More...
struct  PassCommon
 A set of methods which are broadly useful in a number of dialects. More...
struct  RemoveOpLowering
 Generic pattern for removing an op during pattern conversion. More...


LogicalResult parseOptionalRegLoc (SmallVectorImpl< PhysLocationAttr > &locs, AsmParser &p)
 Parse and append a PhysLocAttr. More...
void printOptionalRegLoc (PhysLocationAttr loc, AsmPrinter &p)
 Print out the above. More...
LogicalResult verifyUnaryDynInstDataOp (Operation *)
Operation * getHierPathTopModule (Location loc, circt::hw::HWSymbolCache &symCache, FlatSymbolRefAttr pathSym)
 Returns the top-level module which the given HierPathOp that defines pathSym, refers to. More...
std::unique_ptr< mlir::Pass > createLowerInstancesPass ()
std::unique_ptr< mlir::Pass > createLowerConstructsPass ()
std::unique_ptr< mlir::Pass > createExportTclPass ()
SmallVector< unsigned > makeSequentialRange (unsigned size)
 Utility for creating {0, 1, 2, ..., size}. More...
StringRef getValueName (Value v, const SymbolCache &syms, std::string &buff)
 Try to get a "good" name for the given Value. More...

Function Documentation

◆ createExportTclPass()

std::unique_ptr< Pass > circt::msft::createExportTclPass ( )

Definition at line 100 of file MSFTExportTcl.cpp.

◆ createLowerConstructsPass()

std::unique_ptr< Pass > circt::msft::createLowerConstructsPass ( )

Definition at line 183 of file MSFTLowerConstructs.cpp.

◆ createLowerInstancesPass()

std::unique_ptr< Pass > circt::msft::createLowerInstancesPass ( )

Definition at line 129 of file MSFTLowerInstances.cpp.

◆ getHierPathTopModule()

Operation * circt::msft::getHierPathTopModule ( Location  loc,
circt::hw::HWSymbolCache symCache,
FlatSymbolRefAttr  pathSym 

Returns the top-level module which the given HierPathOp that defines pathSym, refers to.

Definition at line 29 of file MSFTOpInterfaces.cpp.

References assert(), circt::calyx::direction::get(), and circt::hw::HWSymbolCache::getDefinition().

◆ getValueName()

StringRef circt::msft::getValueName ( Value  v,
const SymbolCache syms,
std::string &  buff 

Try to get a "good" name for the given Value.

Definition at line 24 of file PassCommon.cpp.

References assert(), circt::hw::ModulePortInfo::atInput(), circt::SymbolCache::getDefinition(), and circt::hw::PortInfo::getName().

◆ makeSequentialRange()

SmallVector< unsigned > circt::msft::makeSequentialRange ( unsigned  size)

Utility for creating {0, 1, 2, ..., size}.

Definition at line 17 of file PassCommon.cpp.

◆ parseOptionalRegLoc()

LogicalResult circt::msft::parseOptionalRegLoc ( SmallVectorImpl< PhysLocationAttr > &  locs,
AsmParser &  p 

Parse and append a PhysLocAttr.

Options are '*' for null location, <x, y, num> for a location which is implicitily a FF, or a full phys location attribute.

Definition at line 88 of file MSFTAttributes.cpp.

◆ printOptionalRegLoc()

void circt::msft::printOptionalRegLoc ( PhysLocationAttr  loc,
AsmPrinter &  p 

Print out the above.

Definition at line 112 of file MSFTAttributes.cpp.

◆ verifyUnaryDynInstDataOp()

LogicalResult circt::msft::verifyUnaryDynInstDataOp ( Operation *  op)

Definition at line 15 of file MSFTOpInterfaces.cpp.