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Services.h File Reference
#include "esi/Common.h"
#include "esi/Ports.h"
#include <cstdint>
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class  esi::services::ServicePort
 Add a custom interface to a service client at a particular point in the design hierarchy. More...
class  esi::services::Service
 Parent class of all APIs modeled as 'services'. More...
class  esi::services::CustomService
 A service for which there are no standard services registered. More...
class  esi::services::SysInfo
 Information about the Accelerator system. More...
class  esi::services::MMIO
class  esi::services::MMIOSysInfo
 Implement the SysInfo API for a standard MMIO protocol. More...
class  esi::services::FuncService
 Service for calling functions. More...
class  esi::services::FuncService::Function
 A function call which gets attached to a service port. More...
class  esi::services::ServiceRegistry
 Registry of services which can be instantiated directly by the Accelerator class if the backend doesn't do anything special with a service. More...