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hw.ModuleLike Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def __init__ (self, name, input_ports=[], output_ports=[], *parameters=[], attributes={}, body_builder=None, loc=None, ip=None)
def type (self)
def name (self)
def is_external (self)
list[ParamDeclAttr] parameters (self)
def instantiate (self, str name, Dict[str, object] parameters={}, results=None, sym_name=None, loc=None, ip=None, **kwargs)

Detailed Description

Custom Python base class for module-like operations.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ __init__()

def hw.ModuleLike.__init__ (   self,
  input_ports = [],
  output_ports = [],
parameters = [],
  attributes = {},
  body_builder = None,
  loc = None,
  ip = None 
Create a module-like with the provided `name`, `input_ports`, and
- `name` is a string representing the module name.
- `input_ports` is a list of pairs of string names and types.
- `output_ports` is a list of pairs of string names and types.
- `body_builder` is an optional callback, when provided a new entry block
  is created and the callback is invoked with the new op as argument within
  an InsertionPoint context already set for the block. The callback is
  expected to insert a terminator in the block.

Reimplemented in hw.HWModuleExternOp, and hw.HWModuleOp.

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References hw._create_output_op(), esi.ESIPureModuleOp.add_entry_block(), and hw.HWModuleOp.add_entry_block().

Member Function Documentation

◆ instantiate()

def hw.ModuleLike.instantiate (   self,
str  name,
Dict[str, object]   parameters = {},
  results = None,
  sym_name = None,
  loc = None,
  ip = None,
**  kwargs 

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◆ is_external()

def hw.ModuleLike.is_external (   self)

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Referenced by hw.HWModuleOp.add_entry_block().

◆ name()

def (   self)

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References circt::calyx::PortInfo.attributes.

Referenced by inlineInputOnly().

◆ parameters()

list[ParamDeclAttr] hw.ModuleLike.parameters (   self)

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References circt::calyx::PortInfo.attributes.

◆ type()

def hw.ModuleLike.type (   self)

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