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FIRParser.h File Reference
#include "circt/Support/LLVM.h"
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struct  circt::firrtl::FIRParserOptions
struct  circt::firrtl::FIRVersion
 The FIRRTL specification version. More...


 The InstanceGraph op interface, see for more details.


mlir::OwningOpRef< mlir::ModuleOp > circt::firrtl::importFIRFile (llvm::SourceMgr &sourceMgr, mlir::MLIRContext *context, mlir::TimingScope &ts, FIRParserOptions options={})
std::pair< bool, std::optional< mlir::LocationAttr > > circt::firrtl::maybeStringToLocation (llvm::StringRef spelling, bool skipParsing, mlir::StringAttr &locatorFilenameCache, FileLineColLoc &fileLineColLocCache, MLIRContext *context)
void circt::firrtl::registerFromFIRFileTranslation ()
constexpr FIRVersion circt::firrtl::minimumFIRVersion (0, 2, 0)
constexpr FIRVersion circt::firrtl::nextFIRVersion (3, 3, 0)
constexpr FIRVersion circt::firrtl::exportFIRVersion (4, 0, 0)
constexpr FIRVersion circt::firrtl::defaultFIRVersion (1, 0, 0)
template<typename T >
T & circt::firrtl::operator<< (T &os, FIRVersion version)