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FIRRTLIntrinsics.h File Reference
#include "circt/Dialect/FIRRTL/FIRRTLOps.h"
#include "circt/Dialect/FIRRTL/FIRRTLTypes.h"
#include "mlir/IR/Diagnostics.h"
#include "mlir/Transforms/DialectConversion.h"
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struct  circt::firrtl::GenericIntrinsic
 Helper class for checking and extracting information from the generic instrinsic op. More...
class  circt::firrtl::IntrinsicConverter
 Base class for Intrinsic Converters. More...
class  circt::firrtl::IntrinsicOpConverter< OpTy >
class  circt::firrtl::IntrinsicLowerings
 Lowering helper which collects all intrinsic converters. More...


 This file defines an intermediate representation for circuits acting as an abstraction for constraints defined over an SMT's solver context.