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llvm::yaml Namespace Reference


struct  MappingContextTraits< DescribedSignal, Context >
 Conversion from a DescribedSignal to YAML. More...
struct  MappingContextTraits< DescribedInstance, Context >
 Conversion from a DescribedInstance to YAML. More...
struct  MappingContextTraits< sv::InterfaceOp, Context >
 Conversion from an sv::InterfaceOp to YAML. More...


static std::string stripComment (StringRef str)
 Convert newlines and comments to remove the comments. More...

Function Documentation

◆ stripComment()

static std::string llvm::yaml::stripComment ( StringRef  str)

Convert newlines and comments to remove the comments.

This produces better looking YAML output. E.g., this will convert the following:

// foo // bar

Into the following:

foo bar

Definition at line 147 of file GrandCentral.cpp.

Referenced by llvm::yaml::MappingContextTraits< DescribedSignal, Context >::Field::Field(), and llvm::yaml::MappingContextTraits< DescribedInstance, Context >::Instance::Instance().