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CHIRRTLVisitors.h File Reference
#include "circt/Dialect/FIRRTL/CHIRRTLDialect.h"
#include "circt/Dialect/FIRRTL/FIRRTLOps.h"
#include "llvm/ADT/TypeSwitch.h"
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class  circt::chirrtl::CHIRRTLVisitor< ConcreteType, ResultType, ExtraArgs >
 CHIRRTLVisitor is a visitor for CHIRRTL operations. More...


 This file defines an intermediate representation for circuits acting as an abstraction for constraints defined over an SMT's solver context.



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#define HANDLE (   OPTYPE)
ResultType visitCHIRRTL(OPTYPE op, ExtraArgs... args) { \
return static_cast<ConcreteType *>(this)->visitUnhandledCHIRRTL(op, \
args...); \

Definition at line 53 of file CHIRRTLVisitors.h.