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struct  MemoryDependence
 MemoryDependence captures a dependence from one memory operation to another. More...
struct  MemoryDependenceAnalysis
 MemoryDependenceAnalysis traverses any AffineForOps in the FuncOp body and checks for affine memory access dependences. More...
struct  CyclicSchedulingAnalysis
 CyclicSchedulingAnalysis constructs a CyclicProblem for each AffineForOp by performing a memory dependence analysis and inserting dependences into the problem. More...


using MemoryDependenceResult = DenseMap< Operation *, SmallVector< MemoryDependence > >
 MemoryDependenceResult captures a set of memory dependences. More...

Typedef Documentation

◆ MemoryDependenceResult

using circt::analysis::MemoryDependenceResult = typedef DenseMap<Operation *, SmallVector<MemoryDependence> >

MemoryDependenceResult captures a set of memory dependences.

The map key is the operation to which the dependences exist, and the map value is zero or more MemoryDependences for that operation.

Definition at line 58 of file DependenceAnalysis.h.