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class  InstanceRecord
 This is an edge in the InstanceGraph. More...
class  InstanceGraphNode
 This is a Node in the InstanceGraph. More...
class  InstanceGraph
 This graph tracks modules and where they are instantiated. More...
class  InstancePath
 An instance path composed of a series of instances. More...
struct  InstancePathCache
 A data structure that caches and provides absolute paths to module instances in the IR. More...


llvm::raw_ostream & operator<< (llvm::raw_ostream &os, const InstancePath &path)

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◆ operator<<()

llvm::raw_ostream& circt::igraph::operator<< ( llvm::raw_ostream &  os,
const InstancePath path 

Definition at line 321 of file InstanceGraph.h.

References circt::igraph::InstancePath::print().