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circt::parsing_util Namespace Reference


static StringAttr getNameFromSSA (MLIRContext *context, StringRef name)
 Get a name from an SSA value string, if said value name is not a number. More...
ParseResult parseInitializerList (mlir::OpAsmParser &parser, llvm::SmallVector< mlir::OpAsmParser::Argument > &inputArguments, llvm::SmallVector< mlir::OpAsmParser::UnresolvedOperand > &inputOperands, llvm::SmallVector< Type > &inputTypes, ArrayAttr &inputNames)
 Parses an initializer. More...
void printInitializerList (OpAsmPrinter &p, ValueRange ins, ArrayRef< BlockArgument > args)

Function Documentation

◆ getNameFromSSA()

static StringAttr circt::parsing_util::getNameFromSSA ( MLIRContext *  context,
StringRef  name 

Get a name from an SSA value string, if said value name is not a number.

Definition at line 25 of file ParsingUtils.h.

References assert(), circt::calyx::direction::get(), and isdigit.

Referenced by parseInputPort(), parseMethodLikeOp(), and circt::hw::module_like_impl::parseModuleFunctionSignature().

◆ parseInitializerList()

ParseResult circt::parsing_util::parseInitializerList ( mlir::OpAsmParser &  parser,
llvm::SmallVector< mlir::OpAsmParser::Argument > &  inputArguments,
llvm::SmallVector< mlir::OpAsmParser::UnresolvedOperand > &  inputOperands,
llvm::SmallVector< Type > &  inputTypes,
ArrayAttr &  inputNames 

Parses an initializer.

An initializer list is a list of operands, types and names on the format: (arg = input : type, ...)

Referenced by parsePipelineOp().

◆ printInitializerList()

void circt::parsing_util::printInitializerList ( OpAsmPrinter &  p,
ValueRange  ins,
ArrayRef< BlockArgument >  args 

Definition at line 42 of file ParsingUtils.cpp.

Referenced by printBlockLikeOp(), and printPipelineOp().