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circt::scftocalyx Namespace Reference


class  ScfWhileOp
class  ScfForOp
struct  WhileScheduleable
struct  ForScheduleable
struct  CallScheduleable
class  WhileLoopLoweringStateInterface
class  ForLoopLoweringStateInterface
class  ComponentLoweringState
 Handles the current state of lowering of a Calyx component. More...
class  BuildOpGroups
 Iterate through the operations of a source function and instantiate components or primitives based on the type of the operations. More...
class  InlineExecuteRegionOpPattern
 Inlines Calyx ExecuteRegionOp operations within their parent blocks. More...
struct  FuncOpConversion
 Creates a new Calyx component for each FuncOp in the program. More...
class  BuildWhileGroups
 In BuildWhileGroups, a register is created for each iteration argumenet of the while op. More...
class  BuildForGroups
 In BuildForGroups, a register is created for the iteration argument of the for op. More...
class  BuildControl
 Builds a control schedule by traversing the CFG of the function and associating this with the previously created groups. More...
class  LateSSAReplacement
 LateSSAReplacement contains various functions for replacing SSA values that were not replaced during op construction. More...
class  CleanupFuncOps
 Erases FuncOp operations. More...


using Scheduleable = std::variant< calyx::GroupOp, WhileScheduleable, ForScheduleable, CallScheduleable >
 A variant of types representing scheduleable operations. More...


template<typename TAllocOp >
static LogicalResult buildAllocOp (ComponentLoweringState &componentState, PatternRewriter &rewriter, TAllocOp allocOp)

Typedef Documentation

◆ Scheduleable

using circt::scftocalyx::Scheduleable = typedef std::variant<calyx::GroupOp, WhileScheduleable, ForScheduleable, CallScheduleable>

A variant of types representing scheduleable operations.

Definition at line 118 of file SCFToCalyx.cpp.

Function Documentation

◆ buildAllocOp()

template<typename TAllocOp >
static LogicalResult circt::scftocalyx::buildAllocOp ( ComponentLoweringState componentState,
PatternRewriter &  rewriter,
TAllocOp  allocOp